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As leaders achieving our vision can sometimes feel like herding cats, leaving us drained, depleted, and overwhelmed with a big responsibility on our shoulders.  

In this challenge you’ll learn five techniques from our I AM Powerful program that will help you break through the everyday challenges we all face, that often block our ability to foster deep and meaningful impact, drive authentic influence, and become irreplaceable in your business and life.

The daily challenges will take you less time than it takes to brush your teeth in the morning!

The Power Paradox

Few people know that the mechanism in our brains responsible for ambition and drive, also hijacks judgement, especially when pressure is tense, and stakes are high. Causing people to experience false positives.  We all this the Power Paradox.

If you are operating without knowing how the Power Paradox impacts the team, customers, you, or the bottom line, then the results you do see may not last, and are certainly coming at a price you don’t need to pay. 

These five daily challenges are subtle ways that we experience those false positives in leadership.  Ways we trip over the Power Paradox thinking we are strong, powerful leaders, but instead create inconsistent results, don’t have the impact we desire, gain only surface level depth in our relationships, and  get drained instead of energized by the work we love so much.  

Power Centered Leadership is the Solution,

giving you simple techniques, and easy, universal principles to understand, Power Centered Leadership helps you override these hard-wired, control centered responses and consistently produce the results that matter most to you, authentically influence the people you want to, and deeply impact the things you truly care about.  Become irreplaceable in business and life as you watch others respond to your new Leadership approach.  More importantly be energized instead of drained, and inspired rather than taxed on a daily basis.

As leaders we must rise to the occasion, lean into challenges, embrace them with open arms, and leverage what life throws at us to create deeply engaged, high functioning teams.

In these 5 days, you will learn five critical techniques that will revolutionize the way you lead.  They will shift long standing paradigms.  You’ll feel peaceful, passionate, and powerful no matter what you face today.

Every Leader Faces Complexity in Business today,

challenges we must over-come, rapid change, and moments that feel chaotic; team members who don’t follow through, ineffective bosses, busted budgets, missed timelines, irate customers, the heckler in the back of our meeting, business processes that break down and cost us precious time, miscommunications, diverse teams, pressures that drain us, constantly moving targets, markets that aren’t easy to predict, and so much more.

The question is:  Are you responding to those moments with hard wired, control centered responses designed to protect?  Those that drain us, leaving us frustrated, frozen, and frantic when we need to be strategic, strong, and sharp.  Those automatic responses that happen unconsciously, in seconds.  Those that eventually lead to strategic missteps, poor decisions we can’t walk back, costly law suits that ruin our personal brand and jeopardize our jobs, inconsistent results, and strained relationships.

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What You’ll Do

Join the FB Group

We run our challenges in private FB Groups.  Once you sign up, our team will put you in the group to start networking.  This is where you will check in daily.

Sunday KickOff

We invite you to watch your first video  on Sunday to get acclimated to the challenge.  You will maximize your weekdays and get prepared for success this way.

Daily Activities

You will get a daily 10 minute video, and have a daily challenge to perform throughout your normal day.  They are quick, simple, and can be done anywhere.

Evening Reflections

Bonus activities are provided for our over achievers who want to dig deep, reflect on the insights, and anchor the impact for a lasting effect in every part of their life.

Shared Successes

We ask that you post daily about the impact and revelations you are having, as well as the results you are achieve.  You’d be surprised by the reflections of your peers.


There are moderators and master trainers in our challenge groups who can answer questions, process with you, or simply help you master challenges you are facing.


What People are Saying

“Changed My Life!”

“This challenge didn’t just change my leadership, it changed how I parent, how I love, how I influence and perceive my whole world.”


“Simple and Easy”

“I really could do this in the time it takes to brush my teeth!  Once I watched the videos it just took some focus during my day. ”


“I Had No Idea”

“I’m very successful and thought there is nothing new I could learn in 5-days that would be overly impactful.  I had no idea I was limiting myself in these ways.”



“I just finished and I’m floored by how many times I respond without thinking about it, in Control Centered ways.  I am grateful to have Power Centered tools now!”


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